Hey Welcome to my history A2 Blog,

This Blog will go over Germany and Italy from Route G and The Tudors of Edexcel’s new 2015 Spec!

I am in Year 13, applying to University to study History. I taking my A-levels in June, it’s scary I won’t lie, but this is an interesting way for me to revise and for you to find a good sources of revision notes.

Unfortunately, due to the many many different choices Edexcel History now offers, I can only do 3 (Germany 1919-89, Italy 1911-46 and  the Tudors). Sorry to all those that won’t find this helpful  😦 But good luck with your exams!

Best wishes,

History A2 xx

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Hi There!

Welcome to the Edexcel A2 History blog! Thi blog follows the brand-spanking-new specification of 2015! This new specification offers looooooads of pathways and new things to learn. My school did Pathway D (or something, maybe G, idk, should probably find out).

So for my AS year, I did Germany and West Germany, 1918-1989 and the Rise and Fall of Fascism, 1911-1945.

I am in my final weeks of Year 13 now, and I recieved 5 offers from Southampton, Warwick (x2), Lancaster and Greenwich! I have firmed Warwick for History, and Southampton for History as my insurance. And this year I am studying Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors, 1485-1603.

So unfortunately this blog will probably only be helpful to a few people. Sorry 😦

Anyway, for those that this helpful for: Have fun!

Good Luck in your A-Level studies!

And Enjoy University 🙂

Best Wishes,

HistoryA2 xx

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