Italy Key Terms: 2.1

So here is a big ol’ list of the key terms in the first section of Italy (2.1). This list will be added to as I upload posts relating to the Chapter.

  • Risorgimento – ‘Resurgence’ or ‘rebirth’ and refers to the unification of Italy which had concluded with the incorporation of Rome in 1870 an creation as a new nation with Rome as it’s capital, been split since the Middle Ages by a variety of powers such as Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Pope, French-Spanish Bourbon royal family, politicians who led Risorgimento struggled to show the vision of an nation they fought to create. 
  • Anarchism – Political ideology that believes he violent overthrow of state authority and control and the establishment of a self-governing  order, people live without government or rules
  • Campanilismo – feeling of pride and belonging to birth place, stronger than a national identity.
  • Roman Question – Term to describe the split between the Italian State and Catholic Church. The Pope argued the Papal states had been annexed by an invading forces and the return of his temporal power (territorial power) was necessary to ensure independence as God’s representative. 
  • Meridionale – Term used to refer to the South. 
  • Irredentism – movement that grew from unification and gained popularity in the late 19th/early 20th century – the successful unification in 1870 should continue till all Italian speaking areas are incorporated into Italy (similar to the German Anschluss). 

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