Agrarian Discontent – Kett’s Rebellion

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Hope your revision is going well. Exams are soon and your revision should begin soon! Here is a helpful resource to get you started! Kett’s Rebellion.

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June-November 1549

East Anglia – although there was wider outbreak across England.

Leadership Robert Kett, Norfolk Yeoman. Led Common rebellion.
Support 16, 000
Causes Enclosures (main cause)

Somerset’s commission – alienated the Gentry, Isolated himself &encouraged the commons.

Bad Local government – JPs allowing Gentry to abuse position and power.

Actions of Landlords – engrossing, rack-renting, foldcourse

Social & Economic problems – unemployment, inflation,

Religious causes – resentment against the dissolution of the monasteries; those in poverty were no longer able to access support.

Aims/Motives/ Demands 29 articles.

*         To stop enclosure

*         To improve social and economic problems.

*         To gain better government

*         To stop the corruption of local gentry

*         Concern over the education of the clergy.

Key Events/ Outcomes 10-12 July – Rebels camp at Mousehold heath

14-15 July – Other rebels form at Downham Market and Ipswich

21 July – government pardon offered in return for dispersal

22 July – rebels take over Norwich

30 July Royal Army led by William Parr arrives at Norwich and offers a pardon

31 July – Rebels overrun Norwich again

8 August – France declares war on England

23 August – Royal army arrives under Warwick

24 August Earl of Warwick enters Norwich

26 August – Arrival of additional 1000 Mercenaries; rebels supply lines cut; rebels move to Dussindale

27 August – Rebels defeated at Dussindale

7 December – Kett hanged.

Kett raises a large force (16,000 men), caims Norwich but the rebellion is crushed by Warwick. Kett and 300 rebels were executed (sign of how frightened the government were). Somerset falls from power.

Somerset’s mistakes/ Successes Mistakes

Slow government response.

Northampton’s response.

Sending mixed messages and encouragement to the Rebels


Warwick’s response

Rebel mistakes/successes Mistakes

Moving to Dussindale

Kett was not a military man


Remain peaceful

Threat to Somerset’s Government Threat

Well organized.

Largest rising

Weak government response

Rebels were powerful

Weak government because Edward was a minor.

No threat.

Wasn’t directed at the king.

Lacked gentry and noble support.


Did not coordinate with the Western Rebels


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