Comparison Table of Opposition and Protest

Hi Guys!

So I’ve been doing a lot of Tudors lately but today I decided to do Germany 🙂 Here is a opposition and protest comparison table between Weimar, Nazi and FRG. I hope this helpful.


1. Individuals,

2. groups,

3. parties

1 Did not experience opposition from individuals. 1 Hindenburg

–          Chose Papen as Chancellor over Hitler

–          4 April 1933 – wrote to Hitler about law to dismiss non-Aryan members of civil service.


1 Did not experience opposition from individuals.
2 Spartacists Revolt – Communist inspired attempt to overthrow the government.

Kapp Putsch – Freikorp and military backed revolt in Berlin forcing the Government to flee. Collapsed after TU’s called general strike leaving the leaders powerless.

2 Red Army Faction/Baader-Meinhof Gang a left wing radical group inspired by Communists with the support of East German Stasi.
2 Nazis did not suffer much opposition from groups due to fear.
KPD banned 1956, SRP banned 1952 through Article 21. Left felt unrepresented and marginalised.
3 Nazis suffered very little opposition from political parties after they were banned in 1933.

–          1941 – Red Orchestra – Government officials who passed information to the USSR.

–          SPD “Red Shock Troop” published anti-Nazi literature.

3 Weimar experienced a lot of opposition from political parties such as: (Right-Left)





However, the Parties never actively opposed bar the NSDAP

Munich putsch

–           Munich Putsch attempted a takeover of government inspired by Mussolini’s “March on Rome” but were stopped before they could march.


Spartacists Uprising

Nazis did not experience terrorism as everyone was controlled by fear. Red Army Faction (BMG) – used violent methods such as bombing, assassinations, kidnappings, bank robberies and shoot outs.
REIGIOUS OPPOSITION No religious opposition. Church

–          Concordat was established with the Catholic Church. Created “People’s Church”

–          Removal of Old Testament and the increased level of Nazism, a decrease of Christianity in the “People’s Church” lead to the creation of PEL which condemned Nazis. Members were arrested and some executed.


No religious opposition.
YOUTH PROTEST No Youth protests Edelweiss Pirates and White Rose Group – distributed anti-Nazi materials 1960s:

–          “What did you do in the war daddy?”

–          Popular slogan

–          Dislocate from past due to “Year Zero” policy.

v  APO

v  SDS

Group marches and mass demonstrations.

Good Luck with you studies! Also, let me know this is confusing and I’ll change it 🙂

Best wishes, 

Sapph xx



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